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A Message From Chancellor Robert A. Wingfield

Greetings Woodstream Christian Academy Family and Friends!

On behalf of the Woodstream Church Board of Elders, and the Woodstream Christian Academy Board of Directors, I want to express my gratitude for your prayers and support through the years.


I also want to introduce you to our 2025, From Legacy to Destiny Annual Campaign, and invite you to join me in going ‘all in’ to support this effort.

The launch of the 2025, From Legacy to Destiny Annual Campaign provides us with the opportunity to look back to build a distinguished tomorrow. We are grateful for what the Lord has done in and through us, and we know that He is not yet finished.

2025 has a double meaning. In 2023 WCA will begin its 20th year. This campaign will celebrate those 20 years with an eye toward the next 20 years. The campaign will end in the year 2025. Over the course of the coming 3 years, we will share 25 amazing stories of how the Academy has impacted students, alumni, families, current and former employees, Woodstream Church members, and the surrounding community.  We will also share 25 prayers that will be offered by representatives of these groups, on behalf of the Academy.

Right now, with God’s help, we are positioning the Academy for the future. The Lord has been, and is, gracious. As we moved from a fledgling Christian Academy to one that has launched 162 High School graduates, we have learned much. Consequently, we believe that in addition to providing classical Christian education, we are uniquely situated to address the growing need for building and sustaining an inclusive learning environment that addresses learning differences within the Christian Education arena. We understand that diverse resources will be required and that financial challenges must be overcome to properly address this emerging opportunity. Your contributions will be a tremendous help. 

Our goal is 100% participation from each of you. As you review the Annual Campaign’s suggested donation thresholds, please remember that the amount is not as important as your faithfulness. We believe that little in the Master’s hands can do much.

Would you consider joining me in supporting the 2025, From Legacy to Destiny Annual Campaign?


Regular, automatic donations are most helpful. You can visit the Woodstream Church or the WCA websites, click the 2025 button, and sign up for recurring or one-time donations. You may also set up regular donations through your bank or mail your donations directly to Woodstream Christian Academy 2025, From Legacy to Destiny Annual Campaign, 9800 Lottsford Road, Mitchellville, Md. 20721.

Please join us as we endeavor to join God in His work at Woodstream Christian Academy. 



May the Lord richly bless you, even as you continue to bless others.


Robert A. Wingfield 

Sr. Pastor, Woodstream Church 

Chancellor, Woodstream Christian Academy 

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