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A Message From Chancellor Robert A. Wingfield

Greetings Woodstream Christian Academy Family and Friends!

With great enthusiasm I want to announce the launch of the second year of our 3-year, 2025, From Legacy to Destiny Fundraising Campaign.  I also want to express my gratitude to all who donated to the Campaign last year.

Year 1 of the Campaign was exciting! What a joy it has been to see God working through our WCA and Woodstream Church families and friends to support the needs of Woodstream Christian Academy. Your generous support enabled the Academy to procure new technology in the form of Smart Boards for our Music Hall and Library, upgraded software for several administrative systems, and a new sound system for the Vineyard Café.  

Our primary goal for Year 2 of the Campaign is to build capacity within Woodstream Christian Academy.  This entails not only growing in enrollment, but increasing our specialization, efficiency, and effectiveness across all academic and administrative areas. Our aim is to tell the story of Woodstream Christian Academy because we believe that if you know what the Lord has done in the past, you will be moved to join Him in what He is doing now, and  what He will do in the future.

We hope that you enjoyed the video stories from WCA alumni, employees, and friends that highlighted how Woodstream Christian Academy has impacted their lives. During Year 2, we plan to share additional stories that will inspire your donations.

By God’s grace, we will accomplish even greater things in Year 2 of the 2025, From Legacy to Destiny Campaign. Our fundraising efforts will support various infrastructure projects including the purchase of a commercial-grade dishwasher for the Kitchen, and augmenting the services currently offered through our inclusive learning environment initiative.

We are hoping for 100% participation from each of you. As you review the Campaign’s suggested donations thresholds, please remember that the amount is not as important as your faithfulness. Our experience has shown us that little in the Master’s hands can do much!             

Will you make this the year that you join, or continue with, the 2025, From Legacy to Destiny Campaign? Your sacrifice will be greatly appreciated.

Regular, automatic donations are most helpful. You can visit the Woodstream Church or the WCA websites, click the 2025 button, and sign up for recuring or one-time donations. You may also set up regular donations through your bank or mail your donations directly to Woodstream Christian Academy 2025, From Legacy to Destiny Campaign, 9800 Lottsford Road, Mitchellville, Md. 20721.         

I hope that I can count on you to assist us in reaching our Year 2 Campaign goals. I can’t wait to see what the Lord will do because He is faithful and…I’m All In!  

Please join us.


May the Lord richly bless you, even as you continue to bless others.


Robert A. Wingfield 

Sr. Pastor, Woodstream Church 

Chancellor, Woodstream Christian Academy 

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